Bring it to life with crowdfunding

You have a great idea. We build a clear runway to help you go live and get funded on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder and more…

Everything you need to launch successfully

Great ideas rarely succeed on their own. They need a compelling story, a solid business case, and an avid crowd. Many Launch is a pre-launch platform to prepare your idea and ensure launch day is a reason to celebrate. How do we do it?…


Know what’s next and be more effective/efficient with your time.


Easily outsource any challenging tasks to our expert Freelancers.


Know your numbers. Know when you’re ready to launch.

Know what’s next.
Navigate crowdfunding.

Combining design thinking, crowdfunding process and powerful templates we help you to creatively craft a story, find your tribe and build a successful campaign and profitable business that is uniquely yours.

Build your team.
Delegate tough tasks.

No time? No budget? No ability? No problem. Easily take the weight off your shoulders and delegate any campaign tasks (from shooting your video to scheduling blog posts) to our network of expert freelancers, invested in your success.

Ready to launch?
Know with confidence.

Crowdfunding is a science as well as an art. Reverse engineer your target, calculate profit & loss and track your lists progress easily from your pre-launch dashboard. It’s like a like having a campaign manager letting you know when you’re ready to go live!

Voxos raised $25,656

“Many Launch was critical to crowdfunding Voxos. Their process helped us guide our attention effectively and the quality of freelancers we worked with enabled us to create an amazing brand, product video, campaign page and engaging content our backers loved.”

Sanjay Daswani (Founder of Voxos)

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